The Story of Wismilak
On 26th December 1962, marked the momentous birth of a tobacco company, the coming together of two strong individuals, who formed PT Gelora Djaja in Indonesia. Lie Koen Lie and Oei Bian Hok brought with them not only a shared experience of decades in tobacco industry, but also a shares conviction to produce a more superior product.

At the second generation at the helm, the company diversifies its activities which is now continue to the third generation. Wismilak reaches success with premium brand equity, a management with more than 30 years of experience, solid financial capabilities that are growing rapidly, as well as the promising cigarette market of Indonesia.

In 2000, the company also produced the finest cigars, Wismilak Premium Cigars, to bring to market premium with the highest quality. Experience the ultimate satisfaction, The Wismilak Premium Cigar brings you the best taste of cigar. Expertly handrolled, each fine Wismilak Cigars is a combination of good quality tobaccos from Indonesia to create an exquisite tasting cigars. Specially created for the sophisticated cigar connoisseurs.

Wismilak Cigar Products
Wismilak Premium Cigar is a combination of world famous wrappers from Connecticut Shade, bound with Java binders and filled with long fillers from Java. Giving you that mild, unique taste, easy draw and smooth finish.

Wismilak Premium Seleccion Cigars are combination from the rich Javano wrapper, bound with exotic Java binder and a unique blend of selected long fillers from Indonesia that will creating an exquisite tasting cigars. Specially created for the sophisticated cigar connoisseurs. Available at Corona, Petit Corona, and Robusto size.

The Art of Cigar
The appreciation of fine cigars, like appreciation of fine wines, is an exceptional form of art. And Here are a few guidelenes from Wismilak Premium Cigars.

Cigar Selection;
The connoisseur selects the cigar that coincides with the moment. Price is not a factor for the experience aficionado, the choice is based both personal preference and on available time.

The Band;
Since cigar bands are manually put onto most handmade cigars, there is always the chance that these bands will stick to the wrapper and damage it while being removed. Therefore, it is highly recommended to leave the band on for at least the first third of the cigar.

The Art of cutting;
There are many methods in cutting a cigar. The ultimate instruments are the double edged cutter, scissors, and the round cutter. These tools have been specially designed to achieve a properly cut cigar, and yield a clear and neat circular cut, regardless of the cigars’s ring gauge.

The Art of Lighting;
For the best result, the cigar should be lighted with a short flame. Hold the flame ½”(1 cm) under the open end of the cigar and rotate the cigar until the end is evenly lighted. Then, do you bring the cigar to your mouth to enjoy the first puff. Do not lit a cigar too quickly or too slowly, but rather patiently with small puffs.

Like a fine wine, a fine cigar must be kept in an environment which protects it from the following factors: changes in humidity, changes in temperature, light, intrusive odors. For those who do not have their own cigar cellars, a humidor case is the best solution for storing the cigars. The cigars should maintain at a constant humidity of 68-70% and a temperature of 18-21ºC .

The art of tasting a cigar, like the art of living, Should be carried out in a refined manner. Like legendary motto: “Smoke less but smoke the best”.

Do not light up a cigar if you do not have the tome to enjoy it, but create time to indulge in this pleasure. If you get the perfect time, then you can enjoy a Wismilak Premium Cigars and find the Exotic Taste of Indonesian tobacco inside.


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